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Frequently asked


What does the trial include?

The 30-day free trial includes all the features, and is completely free. You can run as many sessions as you would like, with up to 100 people across all your office.

Is Berst.io secure?

Privacy and security is important to us and that's why we built Berst using the "Jitsi as a Service" platform which has received third-party validations of its HIPAA Compliance. Jitsi provides fully encrypted point-to-point communication, and is 100% open source, Berst retains no participant information, and only keeps the information we collect upon registration and general tracking information to help us improve our platform. Jitsi as a ServiceHIPAA compliance

Can I have more than one host?

With Berst.io hosts are not required to run events! You can have as many people facilitating and hosting sessions as you'd like and can grant them specific access if they create a verified login.

How do I create a login?

Users can use this link to create a verified login.

How do I grant users specific controls?

Users can be granted specific controls if they create a verified login. A login allows a user to be allocated specific controls such as room recording, and video streaming controls.

How many breakout rooms can I have?

You can have an unlimited number of rooms in your office.

Can I run an event with more than 100 people?

Yes you can, but our public plans do not support this, please contact us directly with on info@berst.io

Can I cancel, or change my plan

You can cancel or change your plan at anytime with no extra costs.
Just contact us with the link below, and we are happy to assist you info@berst.io

Can I set my Berst office as a calendar location?

Yes, you can simply set your location as the URL to your lobby, or use our easy to use google chrome extension to add a Berst branded link to your calendar invites.

Berst Chrome Extension