Our approach to
Privacy Policy
We are serious about security.
Our platform is building using the Jitsi as a Service, a platform which received a 3rd party certification of its HIPAA compliance  and uses a secure open source platform. Jitsi as a ServiceHIPAA compliancehttps://jitsi.org/
All communications between a user and our servers is encrypted hop to hop.We do not store any customer data other than general tracking data to improve our platform.
All conversational data associated with a conference is ephemeral and disappears once all participants leave a room.
In order to store this type of data you must use a 3rd party tool to store this information.
Payment details are handled via Stripe and is PCI DSS compliant.
All customer data resides in Mailchimp which is a SOC2 certified company.
We also provide three additional major approaches of further securing your room. These approaches provide a balance of security with ease of access, controlled at the room owners discretion.
Randomise Room ID
Room owners can select to use a human readable ID for their room or a randomly 32 character long auto-generated ID which can be regenerated on demand. This allows a room owner to choose between the benefits of a static room link that is human readable or the security benefit of changing your room ID to a random 32 character long ID as needed
Secure Rooms
Rooms can be locked or passworded by participants preventing unwanted guests from joining a room.
Restrict Controls
Room owners can restrict the controls that participants and named facilitators are able to use.
Note: Tracking codes are used with Google and Facebook in order to help us improve our experience